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  • Interface
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  • How to useGrenade Launcher
  • How to useKnife
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How to purchase & use Weapons, Gears

Primary Weapons, Secondary Weapons, Gears, Parts, etc can all be purchased. Primary weapon can be customized in here.
You can move to Primary/Secondary Weapon setup page if you click icons for Primary/Secondary Weapons

Primary Weapons

There are many types of weapons tHead suit your style.

  1. Top Menu – Primary Weapons : You can choose Primary Weapons.
  2. Current weapon info : It shows selected gun’s level, price, weight, aim sights, ammunition, calibers. Selected guns will be shown at the center of the screen, and if a player selects a part of the gun, the screen will automatically zoom into that section.

    [Weapon Detail Information]

    + Part’s detailed Icon
    You can check detail information by clicking each part icons. Selected weapon can be equipped.
    - If the selected Item’s type does not match with the selected gun then “Possessed” Icon will not on the item’s Icon.
    - If the guns use same ammunition and player already have the ammunition it will be automatically equipped when player select the gun.
    + Weapon Detail Information Graph
    User can check detail information about Accuracy, Mobility, Range, Reload, Control, Durability in this section. Also, by blue graph player can preview the stat change when there is any modification on the gun.
  3. Gold : Shows current amount of gold.
  4. Primary Weapons Slot info : Shows information about Primary weapon slot.
  5. Previous Primary Weapons Slot : Move to Previous Slot.
  6. Next Primary Weapons Slot : Move to Next Slot.
  7. Shop : You are able to check and purchase weapon item in this section. If you already have the item, you will see Possessed Icon on the item.
  8. Set up Weapon Button : You can discard, repair, complete the settings of possessed weapon. You can repair possessed weapons durability by clicking repair menu and discard the weapon that you don’t want to use anymore. Also, you can purchase many items that wait in queue that you set up before.
    • - Discard : Discard the weapon in the selected slot.
    • - Repair : Repair the weapon in the selected slot.
    • - Reset : Cancel all the items that on purchase standby list and go back to the first setting, although if items have already purchased by player, reset will not work..
    • - Complete : Equip the weapon as current settings.
  9. Preview Function: Guns
    You can test any guns in the shop by using the “Preview” function located at the upper right corner of the shop. When you enter the Training Camp, there are 3 shooting ranges prepared and you can choose any of ranges for testing the gun. When players step into any shooting range, ammunition will be reset to full and you can check the accuracy of the gun you’ve chosen with the zoom-in display on the upper left/right corner of the screen. When a player steps out from the shooting range, the zoomed-in display on upper right/left corner will be turned off. To exit from the Training Camp, please use the “Escape (ESC)” key. You cannot use the preview function when you are joined in any game room. Please go to the lobby first and use the preview function in the shop.
  10. Previous Menu Button : Move to previous weapon selection menu.


How to use Grenade Launcher

Players can attach grenade launcher on the gun’s barrel cover if it supports option for grenade launcher. Availability for grenade launcher decided by what barrel cover the gun uses.

1.Purchase & Equip of Grenade Launcher part

- Purchase : Grenade launcher can be purchased from Weapon – Primary Weapon – Barrel Cover.
- Equip : Purchase Barrel Cover and also purchase grenade for ammunition and equip them.

2. How to use

- Fire : Push Keyboard 1 key while you hold primary weapon to swirtch Normal/Grenade Mode.
When your firing mode is grenade mode, use Fire key [Mouse Left Click] to fire grenade.

Reload : Use Reload Key [R] to reload grenade launcher.

Primary Weapons Customization

You can customize your primary weapon.

  1. Slot Info
  2. Changing Part : Shows the parts which will be replaced.
  3. Possessed Parts : Shows parts tHead you currently have.
  4. Purchasable Items : Shows items tHead you can purchase.


Secondary Weapons

Secondary Weapons are usually used in dangerous situations, as a back up for your primary weapon.

  1. Top Menu – Secondary Weapons : You can choose Secondary Weapons.
  2. Possessed Secondary Weapons : Shows secondary weapon you currently have.
  3. Possessed Secondary Weapons info : Shows information about selected secondary weapon.
  4. Possessed Ammunition : Shows ammunition you currently have.
  5. Purchasable Secondary Weapons : Shows purchasable secondary weapons.


Only in Operation 7, you can show your identity and personality with clothes. Take a look at our clothing from Heads to pants. You can move [Clothing] Page if you click [Character] Menu at upper side of the screen in the lobby. You can check and set up [Set Costume], [Head], [Top], [Goggle], [Bottom] Slot in this page.

  1. Top Menu – Clothing : Can choose your Clothing
  2. Clothing Menu : Head Items will be equipped into this slot. You can check possessed item if you click the slot.
  3. Clothing Menu : Goggle Items will be equipped into this slot. You can check possessed item if you click the slot.
  4. Clothing Menu : Top Items will be equipped into this slot. You can check possessed item if you click the slot.
  5. Clothing Menu : Bottom Items will be equipped into this slot. You can check possessed item if you click the slot.
  6. Possessed Top List : Shows the tops you have.
  7. Shop : It automatically shows all items that can be purchased & Equipped in this section such as: wears, gears. If you click each item slot you will see items for the selected slot.

    To change the types of the items, please click Left or Right Arrows on the item’s icon then item’s type will be changed.

    - Premium Items
    Purchasing Premium Items will allow you to gain more experience and game gold
  8. Complete : Complete all activity that you made in this section. You can purchase all items that you wore. This button will function as [Purchase All standby Item] if you wore some items and use this button. If you select item slot then it will show items for the selected slot, to purchase the item use [Purchase] and [Complete] buttons then you can purchase item. Also, you can purchase items by double clicking the items.

    • - If you want to Purchase all standby items, you must use [complete] button.
    • - [Purchase] Button is mostly used when player want to purchase individual weapon parts or items.
    • - You can confirm purchase detail from purchase confirm window. Also, period of the item can be set up in this window. If you want to cancel the purchase, please uncheck the check box on the list.



Players can purchase & equip sub weapons such as grenade, knifes, back packs, etc except Primary Weapon and Secondary weapon while they are in game room.
Currently, if you click empty slot you can see throwing weapons in the shop list and you can purchase them easily. Also, you can access to this page at Lobby by clicking [Character] menu at upper side of the screen and move to [Belt], [Belt Equipment], [backpack], [Leg Pack]

  1. Upper Menu – Equipment : Able to select equipments.
  2. Equipment – Belt : You can check equipped Belt.
  3. Belt Equipments : You can check equipped items on belt. If you do not have belt item you cannot equip any sub weapons even you have the sub weapons in your inventory.
  4. Equipment – Backpack : You can check equipped backpack.
  5. Possessed Back Pack : You can check possessed packpack.
  6. Equipment – Leg Sack : You can check equipped leg sack.
  7. Purchasable Back Pack : You can see purchasable back pack.

If you want to extend usable period for the item,please click [Extend] button on bottom of the item’s icon and then confirm you action. If you want to extend equipped weapon, please un-equip the item and extend it. If Items usable time already expired, then please double click to extend the time.


How to use Knife

Knife can be equipped on slot 3, There are 3 different ways to attack enemy with knife and quantity of knife varies depends on knife type.

1. Purchase & Equip

- Purchase : Character – Equipment, Equip belt and click empty slot to purchase knife.
- Equip : Character – Equipment, click the empty belt slot and equip knife and Hand Grenade.

  • 2. Throwing :

    Throw knife and attack enemy, To throw your knife please use right click of the mouse.

  • 3. Slash :

    This action is for when you want to attack enemy rapidly. Basic action of the knife and slash the enemy. To slash enemies, please use right click of the mouse.

  • 4. Stab :

    Deadly stab with your knife. To stab enemy, please use Wheel Up on your mouse.


How to use Hand Grenade

Hand Grenade can be equipped on slot3, There are many different types of hand grenade and please choose the type of the grenade depends on your tactics.

1. Purchase & Equip

- Purchase : Character – Equipment, Equip belt and click empty slot to purchase knife.
- Equip : Character – Equipment, click the empty belt slot and equip knife and Hand Grenade.

2. How to use

  • Power Control : Throwing power can be controlled by left click of the mouse. How far you throw your grenade will be decided by your power control on hand grenade. Watch the circle UI carefully and control throwing power.
  • Cooking : You can cook your grenade before you throw your grenade by right click. Grenade have 5 seconds of cooking time and when the timer hits 0 hand grenade will explode. cook the grenade so enemies cannot run away from your grenade. Cooking also can be used as Kamikaze tactics.

Report/Vote/Exit Game/Cancel System Function

Push ESC button to active system window.

  • - Report : Report Exploiting users to Game Masters.
  • - Vote : Call out vote to kick out exploiting players.
  • - Exit Game : Exit Game.
  • - Cancel : Close system window.